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  • Reflections on the RIC

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) is typically three days full of information ranging from high-level policy as conveyed by the Commissioners themselves, to deep technical details on design, components, and nuclear fuel.  This year’s RIC 2014 was packed with information on the nuclear industry and drew close to 3,000 attendees. During… Continue reading »

  • In the News

    Mar 17, 2014 the security ledger Is Analog The Answer To Cyber Terrorism? Jan 27, 2014 Technology Review If This Is Cyberwar, Where Are All the Cyberweapons? Jan 17, 2014 The Christian Science Monitor Cyberexperts: a “lost decade” since 9/11 to address infrastructure threats Dec 13, 2013 Associated Press Iran´s fears of being a target… Continue reading »