The Langner Group offers vendor-neutral consulting services for addressing the challenges of large-scale and mission-critical industrial control system installations. For over twenty years we are known internationally for vendor-independence and cutting-edge technical depth, exceeding the capabilities of national labs. Our senior-level consultancy team has earned global reputation in analyzing game-changing events like the Stuxnet attack and is proficient in providing advice for C-level executives and senior decision makers in government entities. We are completely focused on doing what we do best: Providing the last line of defense against cyber-physical attacks.

Site Assessments
Our site assessments cover all aspects of industrial control system security. We don’t stop at anecdotal pen-testing and device-level vulnerabilities but perform full-scale analysis, including physical process and equipment vulnerabilities. We identify and fix plant-level vulnerabilities where coordinated cyber attacks can put the physical safety of the plant, its workforce, and the environment at risk. A recent site assessment performed by Langner at a nuclear power plant has been called the most comprehensive ICS security assessment ever by a leading industry thought leader. (Reference available on request)

Advanced ICS Robustness Analytics
When industrial control systems behave unreliably due to some suspected “funny” network traffic, it often doesn’t lead anywhere to ask the vendor for help. This is where corporations get Langner in to perform advanced analytics based on comprehensive testing. The extensive analytic reports that we provide clearly identify any cyber fragility issues and can also be used in court in litigation cases. (Reference available on request)

Secure ICS Design Development
Vendors of industrial control systems start to realize that shipping control and safety systems without even the most basic security capabilities is a bad idea. However, they usually don’t have advanced cyber security talent on staff. Rather than trying to develop such capabilities internally, they turn to Langner for detailed advice on how to implement and support next-generation ICS products that live up to the security challenges every modern process network faces. (Reference available on request)

ICS Security Training Curriculum
Langner has trained hundreds of industrial control system engineers, plant planners, maintenance engineers, and process engineers on ICS security and robustness. We don’t stop with awareness raising but provide proven skill sets and hands-on best practices for solving the problem, rather than just making the problem look big by fear, uncertainty and doubt.

ICS Security Concept Reviews

Asset owners, vendors, industry organizations and government entities addressing ICS security face the problem of limited expertise. Rather than implementing cyber security concepts that might turn out to be inefficient and costly, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Based on extensive cross-industry experience, Langner provides neutral and detailed concept reviews, helping clients to prevent flaws turning into problems.