Ralph has several upcoming speaking engagements in Washington, DC.

September 12, 2011: HP Protect

Ralph will give a keynote titled “Challenges to Cyber Security in the Age of Cyberwar”. Besides explaining what Stuxnet is and what it is not, Ralph will discuss how to kill with a cyber attack, why we will see a grey market for cyber weapons emerge, and what the next global cyberwar hot spots will be.

September 20, 2011: The Brookings Institution

Ralph will do an on-stage debate with Dmitri Alperovitch on the question “Deterrence strategy in cyberspace – Can it work?” Dmitri is VP of Threat Research at McAfee. He leads company’s research in Internet threat intelligence analysis and correlation. Dmitri led the global team that investigated and produced the definitive reports of Operation Aurora, Night Dragon and Shady RAT intrusions, and named those incidents. Peter W. Singer from the Brookings Institution is kind enough to host and anchor the event. Peter is a leading authority on modern warfare. Don’t miss to watch his TED talk on robotics on the battlefield. Even though it’s pre-cyber, it’s a must-see for anybody discussing cyber warfare (you’ll quickly understand why).

September 21, 2011: WeissCon

Ralph will talk about how we did the forensics on Stuxnet. Chances are you won’t hear anything new on Stuxnet. Chances also are you will get heuristic guidelines on how to analyze complex cyber attacks, and also get an idea about the tremendous amount of hard labor behind our public statements on Operation Myrtus.