Ralph Langner and Perry Pederson will both be speaking at ICSage, an international conference on cyber weapons organized by Digital Bond as a new addendum to their popular SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4). The conference will be held on January 17 in Miami.

Ralph will do a Q & A on stage about cyber weapons in the wake of Stuxnet. His last appearance at S4 was two years ago when he took the audience for a Stuxnet Deep Dive, a line-by-line explanation of central pieces of Stuxnet’s attack code which is regarded the most technical talk on the subject to date.

Perry will give a backgrounder on Project Aurora, the DHS-funded (successful) experiment to destroy an electrical generator by a cyber attack. While demonstrated to provide for a valid attack vector, the Aurora vulnerability remains existing in the majority of electrical generators to date, waiting to be exploited.

Langner and Pederson speak at international cyber weapons conference