| follow-up-surviving-on-a-diet-of-poisoned-fruitThe Langner Group attended a presentation and group discussion with Dr. Richard Danzig, former Secretary of the Navy, hosted by a leading think tank. Dr. Danzig made a presentation focused on the eight recommendations outlined in his recently published report “Surviving on a Diet of Poisoned Fruit: Reducing the National Security Risks of America‚Äôs Cyber Dependencies“. Therein, Dr. Danzig makes a compelling case that mastering this new thing called cyberspace is the way forward “The United States will make its peace with the new technologies by understanding them and finding ways to limit their potentially pernicious and especially their potentially disastrous effects.” His paper has brought some sorely needed critical thinking and open debate to a pervasive problem that we as a nation must address. We at The Langner Group are aligned with the vision put forth by Dr. Danzig and sincerely hope that decision makers at all levels from public and private sectors take the time to read and ponder this report.