Finnish nuclear operator Fennovoima has adopted the RIPE OT Security Program for their Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant.

The step is significant because the reactor is presently in the planning stage. By incorporating the RIPE Program in the planning phase, Fennovoima assures that OT security is done right from the beginning instead of getting bolted on after commissioning. Vendors and contractors are bound to cyber policy from day one, and system designers follow secure design guidelines and documentation procedures.

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Hanhikivi-1 features the new AES-2006 reactor with a thermal power of 3200 MW and an electrical output of 1200 MW. The new build will act as a reference design for other nuclear power plants using this reactor type.

Fennovoima isn’t the first nuclear facility to use RIPE in order to protect against cyber attacks and become compliant with regulation. Other nuclear facilities using the RIPE OT Security Program are:

Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

  • Operator: Fortum
  • 2 units with VVER-440 pressurized water reactors (1000 MW electrical output)

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

  • Operator: TVO
  • 2 units with VVER-860 boiling water reactors (1740 MW electrical output)
  • 1 unit with EPR pressurized water reactor (1600 MW electrical output)

Posiva Final Nuclear Waste Storage

  • Operator: Posiva
  • The world’s first final nuclear waste storage

However, the RIPE OT Security Program isn’t just used in the nuclear sector. Presently, RIPE is used to protect more than 1000 plants in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and in the electric power industry.

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