A leading cause of inefficient and frustrating OT security efforts is the lack of a top-down approach that starts with top management and a solid high-level cyber security plan. Such a plan is a comprehensive yet brief breakdown of all the major activities the organization executes in order to arrive at sustainable cyber security. Sounds straightforward in theory, but has proven a significant challenge for asset owners. But help is near.

A high-level OT security plan is the centerpiece of our RIPE OT Security Program. And here’s the good news: If you are an asset owner, you’ll get a copy for free if you just request one by using the contact form.

Where’s the catch? Well there is none. We simply assume that after you have seen what a sound plan we have produced (it’s in actual use for years in several industries, including nuclear), you will be interested in licensing other parts of our RIPE OT Security Program for areas where you don’t already have solid execution language. Examples could be detailed policies that work well on the plant floor, procurement guidelines, or OT reference architectures. All these additional RIPE documents are not free but licensed for a reasonable fee.

Start introducing a systematic and sustainable strategy for your OT security efforts by requesting your free copy of the RIPE OT Security Plan today.