approach cyber security
like a control engineer

You know that you need to act on rising cyber security concerns, but you’re tired of vendor talk that’s all about threats, risks, and scare tactics. You want to take an engineering approach to OT security. You’re at the right place.

experience sustainable cyber-physical security without the FUD

Exit the IT-centric mindset of cyber security that doesn’t work for control systems

Discussions about cyber-physical security are often loaded with exaggerations of threats and risks, and suggest solutions that don’t work efficiently in typical plant floor environments. When evidence becomes available that they don’t work all that well, the suggestion is usually to do more of the same.

Unfortunately, you still have to do something about cyber insecurity, because it’s real, and only continues to grow along with system complexity.

At Langner, we use engineering approaches that provide sustainable and measurable increases of cyber-physical security. We are focusing on what you can control — the robustness of your control system configurations and procedures — rather than on what you can’t, such as hackers and other threat actors.