More digital complexity means more cyber risk

IIoT means heavily increased digital complexity, more connectivity, more things that can go wrong, with worse potential outcome than ever before. Getting cyber security straight is a priority for any IIoT strategy. We help you to implement cyber security for your digital Operations Technology in the most efficient and sustainable way. We are the people who cracked Stuxnet, recognized as the world’s top cyber-physical security experts.

Ensure the success of your IIoT journey with the help of the best reputed cyber-physical security experts

There is no debate on what the foundation of solid cyber security is — and we deliver

No matter which OT security standard, framework or regulation applies to you, they all demand the following core items:

  1. A complete and accurate system inventory
  2. A configuration management process
  3. A formal, documented OT security governance program

We deliver all of these as standardized products, ensuring a robust yet cost-efficient foundation for your IIoT strategy. System inventory and configuration management are extensively covered by the OT-BASE software platform. Our RIPE OT Security Program allows you to implement OT governance and proven policy without risk of failure.

Be prepared for cyber attacks

In a world where large-scale state-sponsored cyber attack campaigns against industrial facilities have become the new normal, you have to prepare for responding to actual attacks. We can help you with:


The OT-BASE platform can automatically spot unauthorized configuration change, which is a tell-tale sign of every sophisticated cyber attack.


It’s a bad idea to try figure out what to do when already under attack. OT-BASE comes with a workflow for swift and efficient management of cyber incidents that factors in the physical/operational aspects of an attack.


Given online access to your OT-BASE installation, our cyber security experts can remotely assess your security posture, or help you respond to a real-world incident.