Like it or not, but your business is turning digital

As a machine builder, system integrator or EPC you know how the digital functions of your product or project are becoming ever more important. For your customers, they significantly enhance the value you deliver. And with the IIoT, the importance of digital product features will only grow.

Our solutions help you to plan, document, and maintain top quality digital functionality

Digital data flow becomes as important as electric wiring

Today, customers require top quality technical documentation on digital Operations Technology, and also proof that your architecture is cyber secure. Digital performance and ability to integrate into existing software architecture largely impact customer satisfaction and maintainability.

But you can’t perform with improper planning and documentation tools. Excel spreadsheets and wiring diagrams were ok in the Nineties, but they are insufficient to plan, specify and document state-of-the-art digital Operations Technology.

Plan, modify, and test digital OT like
you never have before

Use templates for the specification of OT reference architectures. Once that you have created a template for a digital machine or plant design, instantiating the template will automatically create all necessary entries in the OT-BASE CMDB. The only thing left to do is add individual details such as component MAC addresses.

Let your customer access the OT-BASE CMDB and have them verify and, if necessary modify digital configurations. Since any changes are already in the CMDB, no extra labor is required to update your specs according to customer needs. And every single change is recorded for later retrieval, along with timestamp and user identity.

Perform digital FAT/SAT with ease. When it comes to testing, use the OT-BASE configuration auto-discovery infrastructure to verify and demonstrate conformance of the delivered product with the specification.

Service customer installations with efficiency

If you are servicing customer installations, the growing importance of digital configuration characteristics for system behavior becomes a major burden. Well, at least if you don’t have a practical way of documenting the digital details of every single installation that your maintenance team is responsible for. That’s where OT-BASE boosts your efficiency.

With OT-BASE, engineers can check right away how a specific system undergoing maintenance should be configured. If the OT-BASE configuration auto-discovery architecture is used, they even automatically see any changes to the configuration baseline, which may have been the cause of trouble.

Any configuration changes that are performed during maintenance can be directly recorded in OT-BASE, thereby providing a detailed record of maintenance activity, and keeping your CMDB always up to date.