OT asset health tracking

Equipment malfunction due to resource exhaustion or random network problems causes much more downtime than cyber attacks. OTbase allows you to identify and fix problems before they turn into process disruptions.

Proactively identify network issues such as broken links

OTbase checks network reachability for each device and alerts you about prolonged times of unreachability

Spot CPU and memory exhaustion

Are computers like SCADA servers constantly at or near CPU and memory limit? OTbase will tell you

OT asset health tracking
Security patch history

Track hard disk capacity and health

Shrinking free space on a hard disk is a disaster waiting to happen. So is a hard disk that positively shows defects. OTbase makes you aware of these problems before they cause system malfunction.

Dashboard-like event overview and notifications

OTbase displays all health events in a dashboard-like page so that you don’t miss anything important.

You can also activate email notifications!

OT asset health tracking

Watch how it all comes together

Watch this video to see how the asset health tracking functions in OTbase can be used to identify typical asset health problems in an OT environment

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