Build a contextualized OT asset inventory with automatic updates

PLCs, RTUs, VFDs, transducers, barcode readers, HMIs, operator panels, network switches, Windows PCs… How would all of them fit into an Excel table. Especially when hardware configuration such as I/O modules and network connectivity come into play. Don’t worry, OTbase got you covered.

Without a detailed and contextualized OT asset inventory, most OT use cases are flawed from the start

You can’t do OT vulnerability management without precise configuration data. Nor can you do OT obsolescence management. Or automated compliance audits. Or system update planning. OTbase has all the exact configuration details, along with strong contextualization. You can pinpoint where devices are located, which networks they belong to, which work cells, and so forth.

With OTbase, the OT asset inventory is not an afterthought to network anomaly detection — it’s the central design element. Check it out!

All the details that engineering and cyber security need

OTbase discovers and stores detailed asset data that turns your asset database into a supercharged documentation for engineering and security. The resulting asset inventory can be searched and filtered, comes with drill-down functionality and allows you to find the information you need within seconds.

  • Manufacturer
  • Make and model
  • Hardware version
  • Serial number
  • Firmware version / installed software
  • IP and MAC addresses, plus network connectivity
  • I/O modules along with model, serial number and firmware version
  • Product lifecycle stage
  • User defined fields
  • File attachments
  • Exact geolocation down to cabinet level
  • Cyber-physical system association, e.g. work cell
  • Functional description

Device list

Inspect your OT devices in a list view with endless scroll, customizable columns, and powerful filter capabilities

I/O module list

Searching for a particular I/O module product, along with serial number ranges and firmware versions? Maybe in the process of identifying if you are affected by a new vendor product notification? The module list in OTbase will save you hours of unnecessary labor.

IP address management
OT network management

Comprehensive device profiles

Double clicking on an entry in the device list opens the profile for that device, which contains all the information that is stored about that device. Including:

  • Location
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Hardware configuration (I/O modules on the backplane)
  • Network connectivity
  • Network neighborhood topology diagram
  • Data flow
  • Known vulnerabilities
  • Asset health
  • Configuration timeline

Learn more about device profiles >

Auto-detection of new devices

Had there been new devices added to the network last week? What about three weeks ago? OTbase tells the story. From the dashboard, simply double click an entry in the table to get all the details.

Learn more about the recent events dashboard >


Check what software is installed on a specific device

See which operating system version, application software and libraries are installed on a specific OT device without having to log on to that device. The OT-BASE device profile has a full account of installed software that is automatically updated daily.

Watch the video to see how it works

Browse a listing of all software, firmware, OS that you have installed

Browse your installed base for specific software, OS, firmware versions, using scope calibration, filtering, and sorting.

Watch the video to see how it works →

Check where a specific OS, firmware or software version is installed

Pick an operating system version, software product or firmware from the OT-BASE software product listing and see right away where it is installed, along with additional details such as known vulnerabilities.

Watch the video to see how it works

Find any hardware or software item in seconds

Which device is using a given IP or MAC address? Just type in the address in OTbase’s quick search field and press Enter. Bingo, there’s your device — along with all its details, such as make and model, location, installed firmware etc.

Learn more about the quick search function >


Granular access control

An enterprise-wide asset inventory requires that you can set access rights with high granularity. Some users shall only see what’s installed at a particular site, in a particular room, or cabinet. OTbase provides for all of this and also allows you to inherit user groups from your Active Directory.

Enterprise-grade OT asset management software