OT-BASE: Automatic OT Asset Discovery Software

Document Every Asset. Ground Management Conversations in Data.
Keep Your Facilities Running.

Asset Management Software That Empowers Control Engineers

As a control engineer, you can’t afford to waste time on asset management conversations that aren’t grounded in data. But, paradoxically, it can be difficult and time-consuming to compile the relevant asset data you need to make the best decisions.


The traditional approach to OT security has failed.

You need a better way.


Here’s the bad news: The data suggests that your organization doesn’t have an effective OT security stance.

This isn’t necessarily your fault. In fact, I believe that most asset owners and managers can’t afford to take a traditional approach to OT security. There is simply too much friction against implementing traditional OT solutions.

But this needs to be remedied, because OT security is critical. And it will only become more so in the years ahead.

Here’s the solution: You need to go lean.

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Do You Face These Challenges?

Asset Maintenance

If a network component were to fail in production, do you know what the impact would be? OT-BASE provides automatic, living documentation on devices and plant impacts.

New System Planning

Is there a lack of clarity around standards for new system devices? OT-BASE can clarify network details so that OEMs deliver machines configured to the current requirements.

Obsolescence Management

Do you know which machines are still OEM-supported and when each will reach the end of its expected useful life? OT-BASE automatically documents asset lifecycle data.

OT-BASE enables Control Engineers managing thousands of OT devices in multiple facilities to document and manage OT assets.

The platform automatically collects OT configuration details and makes them available at your fingertips no matter where you are. Allow coworkers, contractors, and OEMs to understand system details without having to come on site. Stop wasting time with grossly insufficient system documentation.

Keep your facilities running.


Why Choose OT-BASE?

Comprehensive Asset Details

Get more than just an IP address. OT-BASE uses active probing technology to get all asset details, including firmware version, serial number, network topology, installed security patches, and more.

Scalable Cost-Efficiency

OT-BASE doesn’t require network monitoring appliances and SPAN ports. It doesn’t require you to install new “detection networks,” either. OT-BASE is the most cost-efficient approach to OT asset documentation at scale.

Remote Discovery via Routing

There’s no need to install the OT-BASE Asset Discovery software in each and every subnet. This is great for serverless infrastructures where there’s no suitable hosting option in the target environment.

Integrated with IT

OT-BASE allows IT applications to pull asset information via a powerful REST API. This way you can easily leverage OT asset details in Splunk, Elasticsearch, QRadar, ServiceNow, SAP, or custom-built applications.

What OT-BASE Offers

Automatic Active Asset Discovery

No hardware appliances and SPAN ports needed.

Comprehensive Inventory

Identify hardware, software, systems, and networks.

Configuration for Each Device

Including an automated timeline of updates.

Interactive Facility Floor Plans

Coworkers who aren’t familiar with the space can still understand it.

Problem Management Workflow

Track and communicate on known issues.

Excel Export

Export asset details for easy sharing with stakeholders.

Consolidated System Profiles

Easily view data for DCS and production lines.

Splunk Integration

Keep IT/OT analytics and workflows consistent.

Vulnerability Management Workflow

Including automated CVE download and matching.


How to Get Started with OT-BASE

The road to cutting-edge asset management starts with three simple steps. As you move forward, we will assist you in getting top results out of your OT-BASE installation. If you need support in presenting data to your team or boss, we’re here to help.

Step 1

Evaluate the Software with a Free Download

Download the free OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation software. Check it out in your testbed, in your office network, and in selected process networks. You will see results within the first hour.

Step 2

Implement a Proof-of-Concept Deployment

Get a limited, inexpensive subscription for OT-BASE Cloud, where you can import and process discovery results. If you choose not to use the platform, you can still export all discovery results to Excel and JSON.

Step 3

Go to Production and Upgrade OT Asset Management

After proof-of-concept, you can simply keep your OT-BASE Cloud subscription or purchase a perpetual license for an on-premise version of OT-BASE Asset Center. The on-prem version is functionally identical to the cloud version.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Try the Asset Discovery software for free. You will see results within the first hour. Take the first step toward better OT asset management based on data.