OT/ICS inventory

No matter if it’s cyber risk, planned change, or product obsolescence: You cannot “manage” anything if you don’t know what you have. An OT inventory is foundational, and often required by regulation. Here’s how to build one that gets you back in the driver’s seat.
The OT-BASE OT Asset Management System comes in two different flavors for the following scenarios:
A) Build an OT inventory as a project
If you seek to approach an OT inventory as a project, the OT-BASE SaaS offering is right for you. It’s called OT-BASE Cloud. With OT-BASE Cloud you subscribe to the service only as long as you need it.

OT-BASE Cloud allows you to:

– automatically discover OT devices and their software/firmware configuration

– export your inventory to Excel

– produce a comprehensive report, including cyber vulnerabilities.

The OT-BASE Cloud product is not just interesting for asset owners, it is also used by consultants and MSPs to produce OT inventories for their clients. OT-BASE Cloud is sometimes also used as an entry-level approach to a permanent OT inventory, as it provides a smooth transition to the OT-BASE on-premise product.

B) Maintain an evergreen OT inventory
For permanent, evergreen OT inventories, the OT-BASE on-premise product is the right choice. It also comes into play when you need an OT inventory for day-to-day engineering and maintenance use cases.

With the on-premise version of OT-BASE you can:

– automatically discover OT devices and their software/firmware configuration, including configuration changes and the addition of new devices

– export your inventory to Excel, ServiceNow, Elasticsearch, Splunk etc.

– enhance collaboration between departments and with contractors and vendors by using OT-BASE as an OT documentation hub.

Export your OT inventory to Splunk, Elasticsearch, ServiceNow and others
These days, an OT inventory is of little value when it doesn’t allow you to share data with popular IT applications and platforms, of which there are some. One area where OT-BASE really exceeds.
Export to Splunk
Export to Excel
Export to Elasticsearch
No more manual input
Gone are the days when an OT inventory could be produced and maintained manually, by having engineers do walkdown inspections and record device characteristics in a spreadsheet or some kind of checklist. With thousands of OT devices and hundreds of networks being the new normal, the only way to capture the status quo is by automatic discovery.

The asset discovery component that is part of OT-BASE does the job rather superbly. Not only does it discover make and model, but also network connectivity, installed software and firmware, and much more.

Hardware inventory and software inventory

A hardware inventory alone is of little use. For digital devices, you must know which firmware version, operating system, application software, and security patches are installed. That’s what the OT-BASE OT Asset Management System delivers.

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