Automatic up-to-date network topology maps

OT networks are different from IT networks. They are more complex, several layers deep, use different protocols, and may include legacy fieldbusses. If you operate hundreds of OT networks, many of them critical, OTbase is the tool to stay on top of the game.

Discover network details automatically

Typical OT networks are so complex that any attempt to discover and document them manually is a waste of time. OTbase automatically discovers network details from MAC address to overall topology. Asset discovery is executed de-centrally and supports routing.

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OT/ICS asset inventory in Excel

Interactive L1/L2/L3 topology diagrams

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is that more true than in network management. But manually drawn topology diagrams using Visio just don’t live up to the promise. OTbase automatically draws super clean topology diagrams, even for complex networks with hundreds of endpoints, or ring topologies. Topology diagrams are interactive. You can pan and zoom, highlight network neighbors by hovering over an endpoint, or drill down into device details with double-click.

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Manage IP address usage

How much address space do you have left in a given network? What’s the next spare IP address? Do you have duplicate IP addresses? OTbase helps you to answer these questions in seconds.

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IP address management
OT network management

Map switch port usage

Are there free ports on that switch? What is the next available port number? Which endpoints are connected? Is a specific port up or down, and what are its settings (VLAN, speed, duplex, media type)? See it at a glance in OTbase Inventory.

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Check for new devices

Had there been new devices added to the network last week? What about three weeks ago? OTbase tells the story. From the dashboard, simply double click an entry in the table to get all the details.

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Data Flow Diagram

Analyze data flow

Ever wondered what data is entering and leaving that network? Is there any traffic from the Internet coming in? The data flow details in OTbase allow for an easy check of ultimate security relevance.

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Inspect field busses as well as IP networks

In addition to TCP/IP, there are often more exotic networks to be found in OT environments. Device Level Ring, Profibus, SERCOS are just a few of them which you also want to account for. No problem with OTbase.

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Fieldbus discovery

Identify endpoints in seconds

Which device is using a given IP or MAC address? Just type in the address in OTbase’s quick search field and press Enter. Bingo, there’s your device — along with all its details, such as make and model, location, installed firmware etc.

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Create reports that stand out

Need to share a report on network details with others? How about automatically creating connectivity tables as a fancy Excel file, along with some charts? Or exporting topology diagrams to Visio with a single mouse click?

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