OT software & firmware inventory

The software inventory in OT-BASE allows you to search, check, and analyze your installed software, firmware, and operating system versions without having to log on to a system.

Maintaining an OT firmware and software inventory never was easier

If you use Microsoft Excel, or rely on “passive scanning” solutions, you will never be able to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of your OT firmware and software versions. OT-BASE solves the inventory problem for you in the easiest way you can imagine.

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Check what’s installed on a specific device

See which operating system version, application software and libraries are installed on a specific OT device without having to log on to that device. The OT-BASE device profile has a full account of installed software that is automatically updated daily.

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Browse a listing of all software, firmware, OS that you have installed

Browse your installed base for specific software, OS, firmware versions, using scope calibration, filtering, and sorting.

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Check where a given OS, firmware or software version is installed

Pick an operating system version, software product or firmware from the OT-BASE software product listing and see right away where it is installed, along with additional details such as known vulnerabilities.

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Use baselines to define and check target configurations

Define software target configurations and let OT-BASE check if a given OT device is configured to specification or non-compliant.

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