OT/ICS Vulnerability Management

Manage known vulnerabilities that affect your installed base using a systematic and straightforward workflow

See new vulnerabilities as they come in

The vulnerabilities dashboard in OT-BASE informs you about recent vulnerabilities that dropped in during the last 24 hours, last week, or last month.

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CVE monitor
Security patch history

Check CVEs and patch status for individual systems

Check which vulnerabilities affect a particular device, and how regularly this device was patched.

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Analyse the impact of individual CVEs on your installed base

See where you have systems that are impacted by a particular CVE by a click of the mouse. Compare criticality of CVEs using a 3D heatmap.

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CVE monitor
Security patch history

See the big picture

The OT-BASE Vantage dashboard gives you an understanding of your overall CVE exposure, criticality, and patch capability.

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Create a comprehensive white label report

Need to produce a comprehensive written report for management, or for a regulator? The OT-BASE Report Writer module does that for you automatically. With fancy graphics, tables, and device details.

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CVE monitor
Security patch history

Analyze vulnerabilities in Splunk

The OT-BASE Technical Add-on for Splunk lets you use your favorite analytical tool to process OT vulnerability data.

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Get up to speed on OT vulnerability management in an hour.

The following videos will help you understand OT vulnerability management in no time.