OT Vulnerability Management

Manage known vulnerabilities that affect your installed base using a systematic and straightforward workflow

OT environments require different tools for vulnerability management than IT. You can’t just use your IT vulnerability scanner. You’re dealing with PLCs, RTUs, robots, communication adapters. It’s a totally different world compared to your enterprise network. But nobody said it needs to be more challenging.

Unlike your typical IT vulnerability scanner, you don’t need to trigger a “scan” with the OT-BASE OT Asset Management System. OT-BASE probes your OT infrastructure automatically every 24 hours. Based on asset information (make and model, version, installed software/firmware, installed or not installed security patches), OT-BASE automatically maps to known vulnerabilities.

Equipped with this information, you can pinpoint cyber risk and determine the most efficient mitigation strategy.

Overall vulnerability listing

Vulnerability details

Interactive 3D vulnerability heat map

Vulnerability details per device

Patch history

OT vulnerability data in Splunk

Prioritized risk listing

Analytics dashboard

Automated white label report

OT vulnerability management is different from IT. Here’s why and how.

Implement a prioritized patch workflow

In OT you will find too many vulnerabilities to patch them all. A prioritization strategy is the key to success. OT-BASE automatically builds a prioritized patch list by contextualizing vulnerabilities with device criticality and network exposure.

Watch this video from S4x20 to see Ralph Langner, Art Manion (CERT/CC) and Dale Peterson discussing prioritized patching.

See how it all comes together

The OT-BASE OT Asset Management System has all you need for identifying, documenting, and addressing the thousands of vulnerabilities hidden in your mission critical OT infrastructure. Watch the video to see how it all comes together.