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Discuss your OT Asset Management & Security concerns with OT/ICS Luminary Ralph Langner

All Your Questions About Lean OT Asset Management Answered by the Pioneer of ICS Security and OT-BASE.

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Ask the OT/ICS luminary your OT-BASE OT Asset Management system questions or discuss OT asset management in general. Benefit from the insight of the global authority on cyber-physical attacks and pioneer in field of ICS security.

Common OT Asset Management Questions

Why is active probing better than passive sniffing?

Is active probing for asset discovery safe?

How long does it usually take to arrive at a fully automatic OT asset inventory?

Can IT devices be discovered with OT centric methods?

What's the difference between agent-based, agent-less, and passive discovery?

How does an OT asset management system integrate with a SIEM product?

“Ralph Langner knows cyber-physical security and its policy implications like nobody else.”

Stewart Baker

Former General Counsel of the National Security Agency Steptoe & Johnson, Steptoe & Johnson

The traditional approach to OT security has failed.

There is a better, more effective and affordable way.

Here’s the bad news: The data suggests that your organization doesn’t have an effective OT security stance. This isn’t necessarily your fault. In fact, I believe that most asset owners and managers can’t afford to take a traditional approach to OT security. There is simply too much friction against implementing traditional OT solutions. But this needs to be remedied, because OT security is critical. And it will only become more so in the years ahead. Here’s the solution: You need to go lean.

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