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Traditional OT Security Doesn’t Work.

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The traditional approach to OT security has failed.

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Here’s the bad news: The data suggests that your organization doesn’t have an effective OT security stance.

This isn’t necessarily your fault. In fact, I believe that most asset owners and managers can’t afford to take a traditional approach to OT security. There is simply too much friction against implementing traditional OT solutions.

But this needs to be remedied, because OT security is critical. And it will only become more so in the years ahead.

Here’s the solution: You need to go lean.

Ralph Langner


About the Author

Ralph Langner founded the German branch of the Langner group in 1988, and the US-based Langner Inc. in 2017.

Ralph accumulated 25 years of hands-on field experience in the cyber security issues of power plants, water treatment facilities, nuclear facilities, food and beverage plants, automotive factories, steel mills, and other industrial plants.

He received worldwide recognition for his swift and comprehensive analysis of the Stuxnet malware and is considered a leading global expert on cyber defense.

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A lean OT security approach is built on the recognition that, in order to be effective, a solution must be able to deliver efficiency in addition to security. Inside this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • The hidden problems with traditional OT security approaches
  • The paradigm-shifting definition of lean OT security
  • The tenets and principles of successful lean OT initiatives
  • The fastest way to get started with a lean OT security approach

By implementing a lean OT approach, you can improve the production capabilities of your facilities while proactively raising your security stance over time.

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“Passive monitoring will not be used to create and maintain an asset inventory.

Approaches like Langner’s active communication with the devices, combined with manual entry and adjustment, is what will lead to the single source of truth asset inventory.”

Dale Peterson

Digital Bond, S4xEvents

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