Implement a Robust OT Security Program with Ease

The NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISA99, IEC 62443, ISO 27001 and several other cyber security frameworks all tell you to implement a structured cyber security program that can be audited. Unfortunately, none of these standards tell you exactly what’s in such a program, and how to implement it, leaving the heavy lifting to the asset owner.

Eliminate the risk and cost of custom program development with a ready-made security program

Detailed OT Security Policies, Templates, Procurement Language and More

By employing RIPE you no longer need to figure out the nitty-gritty of OT security yourself, or outsource to consultants with questionable, yet expensive outcome. RIPE was developed by internationally reputed experts. It is continuously updated based on user experience and the feedback of an independent advisory board.

RIPE is delivered as a set of digital documents that you can customize and roll out within weeks or even days.

Add structure and efficiency to your OT security efforts by implementing what is successfully in use since 2014.

RIPE User: Queensland Urban Utilities

RIPE User: Queensland Urban Utilities

Tomas Nystrom, Cyber Security Manager, Fortum Power & Heat

Proven in the Field,
Lauded by Industry Experts

“By implementing the RIPE Program, we created a standardized documentation system with consistently applied solutions, clear policies, standard operating procedures, and training.

Most importantly, we had a way to measure our progress on every element. In doing so, we not only identified and corrected configuration issues, we are now able to quickly troubleshoot and perform root cause analyses, saving us hundreds of hours of engineering time.”

Tomas Nystrom, Cyber Security Manager, Fortum Power & Heat

Examples of nuclear facilities using the RIPE OT Security Program

The RIPE OT Security Program is used in different industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemicals, and water. But we are particularly proud that the nuclear industry trusts RIPE to protect against cyber attacks, and to demonstrate a high security posture to regulators.

Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant

Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant

Operator: Fennovoima

Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

Operator: Fortum

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

Operator: TVO

Posiva Final Nuclear Waste Storage

Posiva Final Nuclear Waste Storage

Operator: Posiva

Industry Voices

„RIPE strikes the right balance by focusing on transparency and cost effectiveness. As a supplier, RIPE helps us deliver straight to the point information customers need to realize safer ICS designs and sustainable security performance.”

Bryan Owen


„The RIPE program provides immediate value to an organization with some good step-by-step instruction for mapping your architecture and data flow which is critical to system understanding”

Michael Assante

LinkedIn Profile

„RIPE is the very best Configuration Control Framework for OT/ICS that I know of”

Tim Roxey

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„The use of a well-defined framework as the basis for a cybersecurity management system produces better results, with less effort. The Langner Group’s RIPE is an excellent choice, as it addresses all of the essential aspects of such a program”

Eric Cosman

Co-Chairman ISA99, OIT Concepts LLC