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Copyright Notice


The SCGP document set contains proprietary information and is copyrighted by Langner Inc., 8 The Green, #E, Dover, DE 19901.

You may share the document set within your organization for evaluation purposes related to a potential purchase of a commercial SCGP license as long as you only share unmodified copies of the original SCGP PDF document set in its entirety, i.e. the ZIP file with all 15 documents. You must not share this document or parts thereof with third parties, or make it publicly available.

Using the content of this document for any other purpose, especially in production environments, in the process of planning or designing operations technology systems and architectures, in product development or any other commercial activity requires a commercial SCGP license. A commercial SCGP license may also allow you to modify SCGP documents and share them individually, apart from the full SCGP document set.

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