In the intricate world of Operational Technology (OT), understanding network topology is not just a technical exercise but a strategic necessity. This blog post aims to explore the capabilities of OTbase Inventory in simplifying the creation and understanding of network topology diagrams. For a hands-on demonstration, watch this video. 

Simplifying the Complex with Dynamic Generation 

Traditionally, creating a network topology diagram has been a labor-intensive task. OTbase Inventory offers a solution by dynamically generating accurate network topology diagrams, making the process not only easier but also more precise. 

A Comprehensive View of Network Address Space 

One of the key features of OTbase Inventory’s topology diagrams is the display of the entire network address space. This includes all devices connected to the network and available IP addresses, providing a holistic view for better management. 

Zooming In for Details 

The system allows users to zoom in and out to reveal more information about each device. A double-click on any device brings up its detailed profile, offering a deeper level of understanding. 

Interconnected Networks: A Unified View 

For organizations with multiple networks, OTbase Inventory offers the ability to create joint topology diagrams. This shows how different networks are interconnected, providing a unified view for better oversight. 

Multiple Layout Views for Varied Perspectives 

OTbase Inventory offers different layout views, including connections, locations, and even the Purdue model. This flexibility allows for a more detailed perspective tailored to specific needs. 

Exporting for Offline Use 

The system provides the option to export the topology diagrams in various formats, offering flexibility for offline use and presentations. 

A New Standard in Network Topology Management 

With tools like OTbase Inventory, the management of network topology in OT has reached a new level of sophistication. It’s not just about visualizing networks; it’s about gaining actionable insights for effective management. 

For those interested in further exploring this topic, the OTbase documentation is an invaluable resource.