Manage the configuration of your digital OT as efficient as your enterprise IT

The reliability, maintainability, security and even safety of your digital OT infrastructure — and thus the physical process as a whole — depends on correct configuration settings. Incorrect settings for software, network switches and RTUs can cause downtime or worse. Configuration management ensures that the current state of your digital OT infrastructure is known, good & trusted, and doesn’t rely on the tacit knowledge of individual engineers.

We’ll make configuration management of your digital OT second nature

Configuration management benefits for your critical digital OT

  • Increased robustness and control by improving visibility and tracking.
  • A means to anchor configuration drift and prevent ad-hoc configuration changes.
  • Enhanced reliability through more rapid detection and correction of improper configurations that could negatively impact performance, security, and safety.
  • Decreased cyber risk.
  • More efficient change management by knowing what the prior structure is in order to design changes that do not produce new incompatibilities and problems due to side effects.

OT-BASE covers both endpoint and network
configuration management

Network Configuration

Network Configuration

from media details and network switch port ids to VLANs and virtualized switches
Software Configuration

Endpoint configuration

from operating system and application software versions to server virtualization
Configuration change is integrated in a straightforward change management workflow that enables you to track who changed what and why. A change history for every component allows for checking of preceding configuration versions.

Configuration control through all stages of
equipment life cycle

  • Planning and design: Use OT-BASE to specify digital reference architectures down to the last configuration detail and use it as a digital requirements set for integrators and vendor
  • Testing (FAT/SAT) and commissioning: OT-BASE makes it easy for engineers to document any deviation from the requirement spec that might be necessary during commissioning, and also to verify requirements against reality
  • Operations: OT-BASE can automatically detect configuration drift and potentially malicious configuration change by matching de-facto configuration against configuration baselines
  • Maintenance: Engineers can easily record any required configuration change such as equipment replacements and re-configurations, instantly keeping the central CMDB up to date
  • Decommissioning: Decommissioned components keep being stored in the OT-BASE CMDB, allowing you to check back previous equipment configurations if need be.