OT Configuration Management at your fingertips

Automatically detect configuration drift. Define and audit configuration policies for standard configurations. Check configuration integrity of your critical OT systems. All in one easy-to-use tool.

Detect configuration change automatically

OTbase automatically detects configuration changes of your OT devices. Changes will be highlighted in the event list. Users can also register for notifications about configuration change by email.

Configuration timeline for each device

OTbase automatically maintains a configuration timeline for each device where you can check all configuration changes. In this examle we see that the firmware of a PLC was updated.

CVE monitor
Security patch history

Check OT system integrity

OTbase comes with a release management workflow for OT systems (such as conversion lines or Distributed Control Systems). Once a system configuration is released, OTbase will inform you about any violations of system integrity.

Use configuration policies to establish compliance and non-compliance

Configuration policies let you define standard configurations for HMIs, engineering stations etc. You can also use them to specify prohibited configurations. OTbase will then automatically highlight compliance or non-compliance.

CVE monitor
Security patch history

Plan configuration change using a straightforward workflow

OTbase comes with a change management workflow that allows your team to plan and monitor scheduled configuration changes.

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