We are the guys who cracked Stuxnet

We have been among the first to develop the field of ICS security. We have cracked the Stuxnet malware. We have helped asset owners in critical infrastructure and manufacturing to protect against nation-state level cyber attacks.

Now we are building game-changing software for assuring the security and reliability of complex OT infrastructures.

Langner is a software company specializing in OT asset management and cyber security for large-scale manufacturing. We did not just produce printed paper or fancy technical gizmos but results that changed the way cyber security, and national security in a larger sense, is seen.

Our analysis of the Stuxnet malware has triggered global changes in policy and defense. In cyber-physical security, we know what works and what doesn’t by decades of hands-on experience. We have given advice to the White House, the Pentagon, the US Senate, the United Nations, and many others.

We believe that OT/ICS security requires more than just technical point solutions — namely strategy and policy, and the indispensable knowledge of human experts, empowered by strong analytical tools. We believe that a combination of strategic thinking, sound technology, good data and skilled people can and will solve the most pressing cyber-physical security problems, and meet the challenge of building a reliable and safe Industrial Internet of Things.
Ralph Langner

The company

Consider Langner an international software startup with 30 years of experience. We morphed from a leading OT security consultancy to a software vendor and are based in the US and in Germany.

Langner is independent and small. We don’t depend on external capital and crazy growth expectations. We don’t maintain an expensive workforce of traveling sales people and solution architects. We focus on product development with a small, dedicated team of world class experts that have worked together for more than ten years.

We pick customers who share our vision that building a secure and safe Industrial Internet of Things requires innovative software tools — tools that we build with the strong feedback of our customers, some of which are global leaders in their industries. If you share this vision, we’d like to hear from you.

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Ralph Langner founded the German branch of the Langner group in 1988, and the US-based Langner Inc. in 2017. Ralph accumulated 25 years of hands-on field experience in the cyber security issues of power plants, water treatment facilities, nuclear facilities, food and beverage plants, automotive factories, steel mills, and many more.

He received worldwide recognition for his swift and comprehensive analysis of the Stuxnet malware and is considered a leading global expert on cyber defense.


“Ralph Langner is the global authority on cyber-physical attacks.”
Richard Danzig

Former Secretary of the US Navy, Member of the US Defense Policy Board

“The Langner Group has assembled the world’s top experts in cyber-physical security.”
Richard Clarke

Former Special Advisor to the US President on Cyber Security, former Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser on the National Security Council

“Ralph Langner knows cyber-physical security and its policy implications like nobody else.”
Stewart Baker

Former General Counsel of the National Security Agency, Steptoe & Johnson

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