OT management for a changing world

OT/ICS networks undergo constant change: New cyber vulnerabilities. IoT add-ons. System retrofits. New compliance requirements. Software and firmware updates. New tools help you stay in control, even with limited head count and a need to work from home.

Your window into your digital OT infrastructure.

No matter if you are on the factory floor or at the home office — the OT-BASE OT Asset Management software gives you an accurate representation of what’s going on in your critical OT infrastructure.

The new normal is here to stay. We help you deal with it.

The digital transformation plus COVID made many realize that the old way of approaching OT management is fundamentally broken. You can’t control an expanding digital OT infrastructure with Excel tables while facing a shrinking headcount and a need to work from home. That’s the new reality, and it is here to stay.

On the plus side, the new normal also means that you and your team can master the challenge with new software tools from Langner. Imagine a complete and accurate enterprise-wide OT asset inventory at your fingertips, at the home office.

No matter if you are in engineering, maintenance, or cyber security, we elevate your capabilities to a higher level by relieving you from wasting time on activities that can be automated. Be it cyber vulnerability identification, system planning, or obsolescence management: You got it, all in one platform.

ICS Detection has failed. Let’s move on.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were sunk into technology to detect OT attacks that didn’t happen. But a fixation on imagined hackers and cyber attacks won’t make your OT infrastructure more secure. Raising your security posture requires control over your assets and configuration changes. It actually begins in the planning stage. The OT-BASE OT management system helps you to do just that.

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Let us guide you on your way to master digital complexity.

We have spent more than two decades in OT security consulting. We have cracked Stuxnet’s payload. We have trained hundreds of engineers and cyber security experts. Let us guide you on your way to master the digital transformation.

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