control industry 4.0 with tight ot asset management & cyber governance

Identify, inventory, and manage your complex digital OT infrastructure from PLC/RTU endpoints to network topology, data flow, and software configuration.

built by the team that cracked stuxnet


Control digital OT complexity with asset management software that is as easy to use as social media

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Use the strategies that made 1000+ critical infrastructure facilities cyber-secure

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Get strategic OT security advice from the people who cracked the Stuxnet malware

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You are the expert, we provide the data

You are not an expert because you happen to be the only one in the company who knows how a particular RTU is configured. You are an expert because you know how to build, and fix, your company’s digital backbone for automated industrial production. We elevate your capabilities to a higher level by relieving you from wasting time on retrieving trivial system details and dependencies that used to be undocumented and difficult to access.

Managing operations technology with all its realtime systems, legacy equipment, heavy metal, safety risks, and IIoT developments is way cool. It’s just that few people have noticed because of a lack of state-of-the art software tools. We build these tools.

Dad’s Software Tools won’t build the Industrial Internet

If all you have is a couple of spreadsheets and wiring diagrams that are stored in a shared folder, going for the hyper-connected Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) might not end well. The hybrid, multi-dimensional characteristics of IIoT software configurations and network architectures can’t be captured in office applications such as Excel and Visio. And neither tool was designed to support change management workflows, audit trails, and cyber security incident management.

Large-scale OT systems with multi-dimensional relationships require purpose-built tools that make navigating and analyzing the complex reality straightforward and efficient. Learn in these videos how state-of-the-art tools enable you to cope with digital complexity on the plant floor.

Digital means better control —
if done right
“The idea that it would be impossible or even particularly difficult to tightly control complex digital industrial infrastructure is patently absurd. The digital transition doesn’t only present us with new challenges. It also provides us means to deal with these challenges. The reality is: New tools allow engineers to manage digital industrial automation systems better than ever before.”
Ralph Langner / Founder & CEO