Enterprise-grade OT asset management software

OTbase is the gold standard for large scale OT asset inventories. It inventories OT devices from PLCs over network switches to sensors and actuators and integrates nicely with your existing tools and platforms. OTbase scales well beyond 500k devices and is used by Global Manufacturing and Big Oil.

Build secure and resilient OT infrastructures with lower headcount

OT asset management is the continuous determination if the properties of an organization’s digital OT assets match its stated needs and ambitions — in respect to cyber security, maintainability, and overall efficiency. The OTbase OT asset management software enables you to build secure and resilient OT infrastructures with lower headcount.

Unlike conventional OT security products, asset management involves change. It exposes undesired change such as configuration drift, and called-for change such as vulnerability mitigation and product obsolescence.

OT Asset Inventory

OTbase creates an automatic global OT asset inventory for you. Hardware, software, firmware, networks, OT systems, locations, the works. No more manual labor and dozens of inconsistent Excel spreadsheets with incomplete data.
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OT Vulnerability Management

See all CVEs that affect your installed base without ever executing a “vulnerability scan”. OTbase does all the work for you behind the scenes. Use prioritization to build a vulnerability management strategy that works best for you.
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OT Security Audit

Define policies for software configurations and let OTbase show you automatically which devices are compliant and which ones aren’t. No more need to sweat your audits as you can effortlessly check compliance at any point in time.
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OT Obsolescence Management

A ton of OT devices is in place for decades. For many of these you are, or soon will be, no longer able to buy spares. Which are these devices? OTbase will tell you automatically, allowing you to craft a replacement strategy in time.
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Sustainable OT security starts with prevention, not detection

Detection is just one component of a cyber security strategy. Many companies overemphasize detection at the cost of protection and response.

The majority of existing OT security products focus on one thing: Threat detection. They will always lock users in reactive mode: Manually processing alerts. The only improvement that you may expect is a reduction in the number of false positives, but not an overall improvement of your security posture.

If you want to take a more proactive approach, protection becomes the focal point of your OT security efforts. It requires a thorough understanding of your cyber vulnerabilities, and how to best fix them with limited budgets.

OTbase provides metrics on where your vulnerabilities conglomerate. It exposes critical systems and system dependencies that allow you to arrive at clean cut mitigation strategies. It comes with workflow automation to facilitate a smooth and efficient execution of your OT security journey.

OTbase makes your OT security efforts sustainable, in a process of continuous improvement. You’ll be able to see, measure, and demonstrate actual progress.


Once you’ve seen it

you will never want to go back.

When your company’s success, and your team’s efficiency, depend on how well you understand and manage tens of thousands of digital OT devices, you need a software platform that was specifically designed to do the job: The OTbase OT asset management system with engineering integration. Look at the screen shots and product videos and you will understand why OTbase is the prime choice for large enterprises.

Get rid of your Excel tables that are an excuse for an asset inventory


Manually created OT asset inventories in Excel are a waste of time. They are incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated before the end of the month.

OTbase creates your OT asset inventory automatically and keeps it up to date effortlessly. And it comes with a wealth of add-on functionality such as vulnerability management, network topology, and more.

In this day and age, if you still try to keep track of your OT assets in an Excel table, you know fairly well that you’re doing it wrong. It’s simply impossible to manually collect and update thousands of OT devices along with their serial numbers, I/O modules, firmware versions.

This is where OTbase comes in. It automatically builds your OT asset inventory and allows for easy data enrichment using your existing metadata. All OT asset information is then stored in a global database on your enterprise network that is fully protected by granular access control.

Best of all, OTbase automatically adds vulnerability data and vendor product metadata such as product lifecycle status and current firmware version. The resulting data set can easily be shared with other tools such as Power BI, ServiceNow, or Splunk.

There’s more than one type of OT cyber risk

Most of what you hear about OT cyber risk is actually just a tiny subsection of the topic: The exotic, fancy section, where you learn about scary threat actors and those who hunt them down in an epic, never ending battle.

A rather fascinating subject, albeit a bit disconnected from the reality of the plant floor. It’s a hypothetical risk as the overwhelming majority of asset owners have never experienced a cyber-physical attack.

And then there are other types of OT cyber risk that were ignored for many years, just because they are less thrilling:

  • The risk that you miss firmware updates that fix functional and safety issues.
  • The risk that ageing OT equipment becomes obsolete and replacement parts are no longer available when you need them.
  • The risk that staff retires before having passed configuration knowledge to the next generation.
  • The risk that vintage Windows computers crash due to resource exhaustion and cause downtime.
  • The risk that it is only discovered after a system crash that a critical OT system was not backed up properly.

Any of these risks is much more prevalent than falling victim to a cyber-physical attack, yet they have been largely ignored. All of these risks, including cyber attacks, are addressed by the OTbase OT asset management system. OTbase is the bedrock of your OT cyber risk management.

OTbase integrates security and engineering use cases

The first OT tool that wasn’t designed with hackers in mind, but with you — the user

There are around 30 products in the “ICS Detection” category, but OT-BASE isn’t one of them. You may have a hard time understanding how one ICS Detection product is different from the next, but it’s easy to see how OT-BASE is different from all of those.

OTbase is a pure-play OT asset management system. It doesn’t detect cyber-physical attacks that might happen once per decade. It makes users more productive — users in engineering, auditing, cyber security, plant planning, and related fields.

To learn more about why OT asset management is a product category in its own right, please check out this blog post.

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