OT/ICS security starts and ends with control engineers

If you don’t get engineering and maintenance on board for your OT security efforts, you are bound to fail. The recipe for success is to make engineering more efficient with state-of-the-art tools. The result: Sustainable OT security, no more organizational in-fighting.

OT asset management

OT asset management software for large organizations, integrated with enterprise IT, including vulnerability management

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OT governance

Proven, ready-made policies to make your OT infrastructure cyber-secure and compliant

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You are the expert, we provide the data.

You are not an expert because you happen to be the only one in the company who knows how a particular RTU is configured. You are an expert because you know how to design, build, and fix, your company’s vital OT infrastructure.

We elevate your capabilities to a higher level by relieving you from wasting time on retrieving trivial configuration details and dependencies that used to be undocumented and difficult to access.

We enable you to see beyond isolated device data at a micro level. We let you search, analyze, visualize, and share system-wide and fleet-wide data. We let you work the big picture for installations with five and six digit device numbers.

Forget Excel and “OT detection” products.

A genuine OT asset management system is something totally different.

What is OT Asset Discovery?

Check out the different technologies available for building an OT asset inventory, and how to start using them today

What is OT Asset Management?

Learn what OT asset management is, how it works, which use cases it covers, and what it can do for you

Why you need an OT asset inventory

Need to convince others why an OT asset inventory is a must have? Here are some arguments.

Replace drama with data

Are you are getting bombarded with doomsday scenarios, touting an alleged ever increasing OT security risk?

Fact is, you can’t build a rational OT security strategy on manufactured drama. When you are held accountable for results, it’s time to replace drama with data, and fear with facts.

What do you need to accomplish today?
OT/ICS Inventory
Obsolescence Management
OT Network Diagrams
Change Management
IP Address Management
OT Vulnerability Management
FAT/SAT Automation
OT Lifecycle Management