Building a reliable and safe IIoT

Software, data, networks and the Internet have become an essential part of industrial infrastructure. Meshed digital Operations Technology drives the competitiveness of industrial enterprises. But robust digital architectures don’t emerge randomly — they require solid engineering and tight monitoring.

We provide the tools


Inspect the configuration of OT networks, software and virtualized servers using interactive diagrams with drill-down and zoom capability


Share digital OT configuration data stored in a central CMDB with contractors, IT administrators, and maintenance staff, using tight access control


Detect unauthorized configuration change of OT software and networks automatically, triggering a coordinated incidence response workflow


Meet the requirements of cyber security regulation, frameworks (NIST CSF, IEC 62443 etc.) with a proven, ready-to-use OT security program


Discover critical digital assets, contractor laptop movement, cyber incidents and product/version distribution througout your fleet


Plan and audit OT configuration changes, technology upgrades, new plants using reference architecture templates and baselines

Plan and control mission-critical OT networks and software configurations with efficiency and confidence

You can see pipes and electric cables, but you can’t see virtualized servers, digital data flow, functional dependencies, and cyber-physical criticality. You can’t see and control the building blocks of the IIoT, on which the competitiveness of your enterprise depends. That is, unless you use state-of-the-art planning and monitoring software.

Our OT-BASE software platform makes the factory’s otherwise opaque digital OT architecture visible. It helps you to systematically plan, document, maintain, and audit highly complex digital Operations Technology. It allows you to replace guesswork with engineering methodology, arriving at solutions faster and with confidence.



The toolset for implementing the Industrial Internet

  • Central CMDB with web browser access & granular access control
  • OT Inventory management, configuration management, configuration history
  • Software agents & network sensors for configuration auto-discovery
  • Interactive network and data flow diagrams
  • Rich meta data provide usability for all stakeholders: Engineers, IT, contractors


The governance framework for managing mission-critical digital OT

  • Ready-made OT governance program to implement NIST CSF, ISO 27001 etc.
  • Replaces the need to custom-develop OT security program details
  • Detailed role-based policies, reference architectures, procurement guidelines
  • Proven internationally in protecting 1000+ plants, including nuclear facilities
  • 50+ metrics for fact-based measurement of security posture & progress

Dad’s software tools won’t build the Industrial Internet

If all your engineers have is office IT applications and a wiring diagram editor, going for the hyper-connected IIoT might not end well. The hybrid, multi-dimensional characteristics of IIoT software configurations and network architectures can’t be captured in Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams. And neither tool was designed to support change management workflows, audit trails, and cyber security incident management.

That’s where OT-BASE comes in.