On-premise OT/ICS asset management software for large enterprises

Over 100k devices. Thousands of networks. Dozens of sites. Minute configuration details and network topologies. Accessible from the factory floor, from IT platforms, and from the home office. OT-BASE.

Once you’ve seen it

you will never want to go back.

When your company’s success, and your team’s efficiency, depend on how well you understand and manage tens of thousands of digital OT devices, you need a modern tool that was specifically designed to do the job: The OT-BASE OT asset management system with engineering integration. Look at the screen shots and product videos and you will understand why OT-BASE is used by some of the biggest corporations in Manufacturing and Oil & Gas.

Why OT resilience trumps OT security

The root cause of deficient OT security is not hackers. It’s the lack of cyber resilience. Every single OT attack in history exploited basic and well-known flaws in network architecture and security protocol.

When you attempt to detect the hackers when they strike, you will soon find yourself in an endless race chasing the latest threat actor. How about fixing the most common vulnerabilities instead?

But hackers and malware are just one factor challenging the reliability of complex OT networks, and not even the most important. Other, non-malicious factors impact operations almost on a daily basis.

A resilient OT architecture not only keeps the hackers out, it also protects you against accidental misconfiguration, unwanted variance among device configurations for similar purposes, and product obsolescence that catches you by surprise.

The OT-BASE OT asset management system helps you on your journey towards OT resilience, while at the same time empowering your engineers to achieve more with less.

Where others talk about visibility, we talk about control.

Understand your critical OT infrastructure from the big picture down to the most minute configuration detail. Hardware and software configuration. Network topology. Vulnerabilities and patches. System integrity and health. Product obsolescence. All supported by powerful workflows.

Asset Inventory

Build a full scale deep OT asset inventory automatically without having to install network appliances.

Network Mapping

Automatically discover network topology, including field busses. Detect new devices on the network. More >

Obsolescence Management

Find out within seconds if your critical OT assets are end of life, or will soon be, and furnish a replacement strategy. More>

Vulnerability Management

Monitor new vulnerabilities for your installed base as they come in. Explore security patch consistency. More >

Configuration Management

Plan and track configuration change, using a consistent workflow with authorization levels. More>

Asset Health Tracking

Track the health of critical OT assets and identify problems before they turn into downtime. More>

The nuclear option for OT asset management

There are around 30 products in the “ICS Detection” category, but OT-BASE isn’t one of them. You may have a hard time understanding how one ICS Detection product is different from the next, but it’s easy to see how OT-BASE is different from all of those.

OT-BASE is a general purpose asset management system. It’s the nuclear option for large corporations which have already tried ICS Detection and passive scanning, but experienced failure and disappointment.

Your new window into your installed OT base.

Inspect OT configuration for a particular cabinet, for a specific production line, a whole production site, or your global operations. Detailed asset data is just a mouse click away.

Quick search

Enter IP address, serial number, DNS name, MAC address of a device you are interested in. Or network name, system name (e.g. “line 5”), site name, cabinet id.

List/products tabs

Switch between list of individual devices or installed OT products

Main menu

Select between inventory, homepage (shows changes during last 7 days), workflows, and user management

Scope limiter

Limit the scope of the list output to a specific location, device group etc., or combinations thereof (collapsable)

Filter fields

Type anything in the filter field of a column and the device list is filtered for matching results as you type

Customizable columns

Click on a column header to reverse sorting order. Right-click to add or remove fields. Adjust column width to your preference.

Device counter

Shows you the number of devices in the device list

Personal settings

Lets you change your password, national language, and log out


Select which view on your inventory you want to use: Hardware, software, systems (e.g. production lines), networks (including topology diagrams), locations

Device list

Scroll down the list, select the device you are interested in, and double-click on the entry to see the comprehensive device profile

Watch the video: 1+ hour introduction into the OT asset inventory in OT-BASE


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