positive ot/ICS security

You’ve seen the hyperbole, the scare tactics, and the snake oil. You know that only persistent work on the basics can and will get your company where it needs to be. We build the tools to help you succeed with the least amount of friction. We are the people who cracked Stuxnet.

ot asset management system

OT asset management software for large enterprises, well integrated with common enterprise IT platforms

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ot governance program

Proven, ready-made policies to make your OT infrastructure cyber-secure and compliant

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You are the expert, we provide the data

You are not an expert because you happen to be the only one in the company who knows how a particular RTU is configured. You are an expert because you know how to build, and fix, your company’s digital backbone for automated industrial production. We elevate your capabilities to a higher level by relieving you from wasting time on retrieving trivial system details and dependencies that used to be undocumented and difficult to access.

Managing operations technology with all its realtime systems, legacy equipment, heavy metal, safety risks, and IIoT developments is way cool. It’s just that few people have noticed because of a lack of state-of-the art software tools. We build these tools.

Forget Excel and “OT detection” products.
A genuine OT asset management system is something totally different.

What is OT Asset Discovery?

Check out the different technologies available for building an OT asset inventory, and how to start using them today

integrate, or die in a data silo

Integration is the hot topic, and REST & JSON are the way to make it happen — much easier than you thought!

Why you need an OT inventory

Need to convince others why an OT asset inventory is a must have? Here are some arguments.
What do you need to accomplish today?
OT Hardware Inventory
OT Software & Firmware Inventory
Obsolescence Management
OT Network Diagrams
Change Management
IP Address Management
Vulnerability Management
FAT/SAT Automation
OT Lifecycle Management
Switch Port Management