OT Knowledge Capture

Your senior control engineers are about to retire. OTbase allows you to capture their invaluable knowlege and make it easily accessible. Not just for a local site, but for the entire fleet.

Turn invaluable engineering knowledge into data that is accessible for the whole fleet

So many important details of your OT configurations are stored only in one place: The head of the subject matter expert on site. They are not available to fellow engineers who cannot simply sit down with the SMEs and pick their brain. Worst case, when the SME retires, all that knowledge is gone — except for a couple of outdated Excel tables.

OTbase provides for a knowledge sharing platform where SMEs can turn their knowledge into data. Data that is readily available for fellow OT users, no matter if in an engineering role or in cyber security.

Document system associations and dependencies

What machine line does a particular OT device belong to? Which process does it control? Which physical process dependencies exist? All of this can be documented easily and visually in OTbase.

Show others exactly where OT devices are located

Pinpoint the geolocation of OT devices down to the cabinet level to save others so much time. Create interactive floormaps with hotspots, zoom, and drill-down within minutes.

Add files to OT asset profiles

Add any existing documentation as PDF files, Word files, diagrams to a device or system profile. You can also add backup files for easy retrieval. Files can be opened from the profile with a click of a mouse. Rather soon you will have a supercharged OT system documentation like never before.

Modify and add device details

Manually modify and add device specifics such as criticality, process function, installation date, and more. Add any number of tags to a device for powerful filtering options. If the standard database fields in OTbase don’t suffice, create custom fields within minutes.

In addition to manual edits you can also import existing device descriptions in Excel format.