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No SPAN ports, no network appliances, no dedicated discovery networks required.

OT-BASE Asset Discovery Evaluation

OS: Windows 7 or higher

Current download version:
Asset Discovery Service 6.3
Asset Discovery Configuration Client 6.3

ZIP file, size: 40 MB

On this page you can download the evaluation version of OT-BASE Asset Discovery if you are an OT asset owner or a consulting firm.

OT-BASE Asset Discovery is the part of the OT-BASE asset management platform that automatically discovers the identity and configuration of your computers, network switches, PLCs, operator stations, RTUs, etc.

The OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation software runs on Windows 7 and higher, and stops working 90 days after installation.  Note that you can also use OT-BASE Asset Discovery to probe IT networks.

If you are interested in a full OT-BASE evaluation, including the OT-BASE Asset Center software, contact us for details.

By downloading the evaluation software you accept the OT-BASE license terms.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use a fake name, nickname, Gmail/Hotmail address. Response emails will only be sent to corporate email addresses / real identities of OT asset owners and consultants — seriously! Allow a business day for processing.

OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation download

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It’s simple with OT-BASE Cloud. You can upload discovery results from the evaluation software, see how it looks, and export everything to Excel or JSON.
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