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Start your OT/ICS asset discovery within an hour. On your own, under your control, without the help of expensive solution architects.

No SPAN ports, no network appliances, no dedicated discovery networks required.

OT-BASE Asset Discovery Evaluation

OS: Windows 7 or higher

Current download version:
Asset Discovery Service 6.15
Asset Discovery Configuration Client 6.15

ZIP file, size: 45 MB

On this page you can download the evaluation version of OT-BASE Asset Discovery if you are an OT asset owner or a consulting firmOT-BASE Asset Discovery automatically discovers the identity and configuration of your computers, network switches, PLCs, operator stations, RTUs, etc. Using OT-BASE Asset Discovery for evaluation purposes in order to assess the suitability of the product for your organization is free of charge.

The OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation software runs on Windows 7 and higher.  Note that you can also use OT-BASE Asset Discovery to probe IT networks. If you are interested in a full OT-BASE evaluation / PoC including OT-BASE Asset Center contact us for details.

IMPORTANT: Do not use a fake name, nickname, Gmail or Hotmail address. Response emails will only be sent to corporate email addresses / real identities of OT asset owners and consultants — seriously! Allow a business day for processing.

OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation download request

Want to check out OT-BASE Asset Center as well?
It’s simple with OT-BASE Cloud. You can upload discovery results from the evaluation software, see how it looks, and export everything to Excel.
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