Integrate and share

Imagine your global OT infrastructure configuration as a big dataset that can be processed by your favorite tools and platforms with ease. Asset details like vendor, model, firmware version, serial number, IP and MAC address, vulnerabilities, product lifecycle stage and more. All seemlessly available in Power BI, Excel, ServiceNow, Splunk, custom apps and so forth.

For OTbase users, that’s not an imagination — it’s reality.

Export OT asset data to ServiceNow

Want to see and manage your OT assets in the ServiceNow CMDB? No problem with the OTbase Service Graph Connector

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OT/ICS asset inventory in Excel

Use Power BI for visualizations and analytics

Microsoft Power BI is your weapon of choice when it comes to dashboards and reporting? No problem, all asset data from OTbase can be imported and processed easily

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Share OT asset data as Excel spreadsheets

Show your team, your boss, the IT department, your contractor or OEM, your regulator what OT assets you have by simply exporting asset data as an XLSX file. Send by email or upload to Sharepoint/Teams.

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OT/ICS asset inventory in Excel

Share network topology as a Visio diagram

The IT department or your OEM needs a network topology map of your OT systems? Just send it as a VSDX file, maybe with some fancy design tweaks.

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Expose your OT asset data in Splunk

Want to process OT asset data in Splunk? No problem with the OTbase Technical Add-on for Splunk. Asset data along with vulnerabilities is synched online automatically. Includes pre-built dashboards. Common Information Model (CIM) compatible!

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Do custom integrations using a powerful REST API

Pull and push whatever data you want via the standard OTbase REST API. If your application or platform supports REST, you will have little difficulty in integrating it with OTbase and access the wealth of OT asset data that it hosts.

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