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Discuss your OT Asset Management requirements and roadmap and See if ot-base is the right tool for you.

Let’s Have an Honest Conversation.

Figuring out if OT-BASE is the right tool for you is an important task. We can help you with this process by providing frank answers to all your questions. The more you and your team grill us, the more you will benefit from this one-hour discussion. You won’t be bored with Powerpoint slides and bullet points. You won’t be disappointed by salespeople who can’t answer even the most basic technical question.

Our live demos are not following a predetermined script but start with determining your requirements and aspirations and work from there. You can — and should — interrupt the presentation frequently with questions in order to get the most out of it. Topics covered usually include:

Your Use Case Scenarios

Software Integrations

Pricing & Licensing

OT-BASE benefits for your use cases

Technical details of active discovery

Roadmap to Launch

Ok, Let’s Get Started.