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No boring PowerPoint slide decks. Just an in-depth discussion to see if OTbase is the right product for you, and if you are the right customer for us.

We don’t do pre-canned demos

No PowerPoint slides, no hard selling — just honest conversation.

Want to find out if OTbase is the right product for you? We can help you with that!

We will answer all the technical and non-technical questions you may have. We will not bore you with dozens of PowerPoint slides and bullet points. We will not waste time by telling you how great our company and product are. We’ll go straight to your requirements and detailed questions.

The more you and your team grill us, the more you will benefit from this discussion. And you won’t be disappointed by salespeople who can’t answer even the most basic technical questions.

We will also use the opportunity to discover if your company is the right type of customer for us. This is usually the case when you are operating tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of OT devices. Another qualifying factor is if you have already started a project to introduce an OT asset management system in your organization.

Typical topics discussed during the meeting

Your objectives and requirements for an OT asset management system

Which tools you are presently using for inventorying OT assets

Your sizing requirements (estimated number of OT devices, number of sites)

Your willingness to use active probing technology for creating an automatic asset inventory, or objections against using it

Your deployment timeline

Exploring typical use cases such as vulnerability management, and how they are implemented in OTbase

Licensing and pricing

Proof-of-concept opportunities / pilot program


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