Scalable cyber security for the Industrial Internet

After having cracked the Stuxnet malware, we set out to develop robust and scalable cyber security solutions that protect critical industries against sophisticated cyber threats, and allow asset owners to fully control their growing digital complexity. Today, our solutions are used to protect more than a thousand industrial facilities worldwide. And while some of our clients operate the most critical of all plants — nuclear power plants –, others use our products to assure reliable operation for something as mundane as printing machines.

Our RIPE OT Security Program is a comprehensive, ready-to-use program based on standards such as ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 that aids organizations to incrementally improve the level of control over their digital OT infrastructure, rather than stumbling from one risk assessment to the next. It includes fact-based metrics which allow the determination of progress and also the benchmarking of individual plants against each other. RIPE can be implemented with little to no customizing and saves the asset owner the cost to develop an OT security program from scratch — why develop something that you can license? With its track record in multiple industries, it also eliminates the risk for the asset owner to introduce a cyber security program that simply isn’t practical, or focuses on irrelevant detail.

Our myRIPE OT Management System is the software counterpart to RIPE and includes all the tools that every organization needs to control and document complex digital OT infrastructure. Its central idea is that a company’s most important resource for building and maintaining a robust OT environment is the engineer, rather than some fancy technical gizmo or artificial intelligence algorithm with no contextual knowledge. myRIPE provides ICS engineers with full transparency of component configuration, network architecture, data flows and dependencies. It includes workflows for change management and incident management, automated discovery of configuration change, and automatic and fully interactive network and data flow diagrams with drill-down capability.

Contact us to arrange an online demo of either or both product lines, and to discuss how we can help you build a robust and cyber-secure Industrial Internet.