Building the Industrial Internet requires real engineers equipped with powerful tools:
The myRIPE OT Management System

Building the Industrial Internet requires real engineers, not just IT geeks who tend to approach field equipment as indiscriminate “things” with just another IP address. At The Langner Group, we believe that supporting those engineers in applying their knowledge to a digital, networked environment has become a key issue with decisive impact on a company’s Industrial Internet strategy.

We have spent decades in the very same environment where engineers keep operations running smoothly on a 24/7 basis. By cracking the Stuxnet malware we have demonstrated our capability to understand nation-state level cyber-physical attacks and attack vectors months before anyone else does. We have distilled this knowledge and experience into state-of-the-art software tools ready for the hard-hat end user on the plant floor.

We provide ICS and process engineers the tools and methods to achieve superior reliability, maintainability, safety and security in hyper-connected cyber-physical environments. We empower engineers in mapping, analyzing and understanding cyber-physical dependencies and criticality with easy to use web-based tools. We support complex engineering decision making by unprecedented visibility into the cyber-physical plant ecosystem.

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