On Nov 13, we published that there are two potential targets for the 417 attack: A high level controller for the uranium enrichment centrifuges, or the steam turbine controller for Bushehr.

When I was reading through ISIS‘ report on the centrifuges for the third or fourth time, suddenly a coin dropped inside my head. It made a loud noise.

An IR-1 centrifuge cascade consists out of 164 centrifuges. Haven’t we seen the number 164 before? Yes, we have. The 417 attack code operates on an array of 164 x 6 inputs. So if a 417 takes care of dumping the uranium hexafluoride in the event of rotor imbalance, and that is disabled by the attack code, the gas helps the rotor cracking, and worse coming to worse, all that precious gas spills when the centrifuge breaks.

So after all here’s some good news before the year ends: The whole idea and procedure of the attack will be fully understood soon. Stay tuned for details.

Ralph Langner