Regarding OT asset management, security is undoubtedly a critical concern. However, it’s not the only concern. Several other engineering use cases are just as important, if not more so. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the engineering use cases OTbase addresses and explain why they’re just as crucial as managing common security use cases.

Processing Vendor Product Notifications

One of the key engineering use cases that OTbase addresses is processing vendor product notifications. This includes firmware updates, security patches, and other product information notifications. By staying on top of these notifications, asset owners can ensure that their OT assets remain up-to-date and secure.

Identifying End-of-Life Devices

Another important engineering use case is identifying critical devices that will become end-of-life shortly. End-of-life devices can pose a significant problem to OT operations, as they may no longer receive security updates or technical support. By identifying these devices early on, asset owners can develop a plan to replace or upgrade them before they become liabilities.

Notifying of Configuration Drift

Configuration drift is a common problem in OT environments. It occurs when device configurations deviate from their intended state, leading to performance issues and security vulnerabilities. OTbase notifies asset owners when configuration drift occurs, allowing them to quickly identify and address the issue.

Discovering Asset Health

Finally, another critical engineering use case that OTbase addresses is discovering equipment malfunction due to resource exhaustion or random network problems that causes much more downtime than cyber attacks. OTbase allows you to identify and fix problems before they become process disruptions.


While security is undoubtedly a concern for OT asset owners, it’s not the only concern. Engineering use cases, such as processing vendor product notifications, identifying end-of-life devices, notifying of

configuration drift, and discovering deteriorating asset health, are also critical for maintaining OT resilience. By combining both security and engineering use cases, OTbase provides a more comprehensive approach to OT asset management. With OTbase, asset owners can stay on top of their assets and address issues before they become critical.