You want on-prem, you get on-prem.

Most asset owners don’t like the idea of having their confidential OT asset data stored in the public Cloud. That’s why we sell on-prem licenses, plain and simple.

On-prem doesn’t necessarily mean bare metal. Rather than installing OT-BASE in your data center, you can also deploy in your company’s private Cloud using AWS, Azure, etc.

Volume based licensing

OT-BASE is licensed based on volume. You pay for the number of digital devices, regardless of the number of users, networks, or sites.

License fee per device degrades with the number of devices. The more devices you manage with OT-BASE, the lower the cost per device. Best of all, if you manage multiple sites with OT-BASE, license fees are calculated based on the cummulative number of devices, not based on the number of devices per site.

Available license plans

Perpetual on-premise license (CAPEX spending)

By purchasing a perpetual license, you have the right to use the software indefinitely. License cost is paid upfront.

Technical support and access to version upgrades is sold separately and is mandatory for the first year. After the end of the first year, you have the option to purchase yearly ongoing maintenance and support.

Annual on-premise subscription (OPEX spending)

With an annual subscription, you pay to use the software on premise for one year with the right to renew at the end of the period.

During the term of your subscription, you get technical support and access to version upgrades. The cost of the subscription is less than the upfront cost of a perpetual license; however, at the expiration of the term, you no longer have the right to use the software.

Monthly Cloud subscription (project based)

With a subscription to OT-BASE Cloud, you can use OT-BASE in the Cloud, and can cancel your subscription to the end of the month. At the end of each month you will be billed for the maximum number of devices in OT-BASE during that calender month.

 During the term of your subscription, you get technical support, and OT-BASE Asset Center will automatically be updated for you.

This license plan is most often used by consultans / service providers who use OT-BASE on a project basis to conduct asset inventories and cyber risk assessments.

Introduce OT-BASE in your company in these three steps.


Check out OT-BASE Asset Discovery

Download the free OT-BASE Asset Discovery evaluation software. Asset Discovery is only a small part of OT-BASE, but it allows you to validate our discovery accuracy. Check it out in your testbed, in your office network, and in selected process networks. You will see results within the first hour.

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Do a full on-prem PoC

The OT-BASE on-prem PoC package allows you to check out all software components on premise for 60 days, at a fixed price. You will also receive premium support during your evaluation. You’ll be able to export your asset data to Excel, Splunk, ServiceNow, …

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Transition to production use

When you and your team feel confident that OT-BASE is the right solution for you, simply purchase a production license. You can install the production license on the existing PoC software package.

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